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This deviation was deleted

So, this is my promised critique. I have to admit that this is pretty good work and the first impression is eye-catching.

According to vision, my rating is 4/5. Methods used created pretty picture, but there are some features, which are for me a little bit disturbing - in the left upper corner a group of stars among the rays of light. This is negated by very clever selection of colours, and they are creating a mysterious look.

Originality. My rating is 4/5 again, but as explanation, I might say following. This idea was used so many times, that instead of creating something original, it is more important to bring a new point of view. Artist here achieved quite a good way to present old things in a new light.

Technique. My rating 3,5/5. I know that the purpose was that the body or soul is being torn apart, but its destruction is looking a bit cheap, mainly, because of the pieces arond body are not reflecting light (neither black, nor white ones). I recommend to account this. But this is the only lack in work, rest of the picture is good.

Impact. Here I rated it 4,5/5, because when I first saw it, it took me. And after second, more precious look I still like it and despite the few mistakes the whole image is of a very good quality.
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